Tribbles, tribbles, everywhere!


DST seems to be in love with their new Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise, and I for one don’t blame them!

First there was the announcement of the classic Enterprise complete with an exclusive Kirk minimate and removable command chair.

They followed that up by announcing an exclusive “Mirror Mirror” version of the ship will be available via Entertainment Earth.

Now Action Figure Xpress is getting it’s own “Trouble with Tribbles” Variant, including a new Kirk minimate and a slew of tiny, fuzzy tribbles! The ship herself (Scotty would roll over in his future-grave if I called the Enterprise “it”) appears to be the same as the regular release, but the new Green-outfit Kirk might make this set worth it, especially if you missed out on the “Tribbles” Kirk released way back in 2008.

All are expected to ship around the April-May area, but you can pre-order now to start your own minimates minifleet!

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