DST’s SDCC’13 Cap Minimate Reveals

Diamond Select Toys is showing Cap some serious love this upcoming year with a slew of new Captain America-themed minimates! Here’s a list of what we can expect to see (sorry, no pics)

Marvel Series 50 (Fan’s Choice)

  • Baron Zemo II (Helmut) and Nova Corps Army Builder
  • Baron Zemo I (Heinrich) and Nova Corps Army Builder (Variant)

Marvel Series 51 (Marvel NOW!)

  • Nick Fury Jr. and Heavy SHIELD Agent (With additional Steve Rogers pieces)
  • Maria Hill and Heavy SHIELD Agent (Variant)

Marvel Toys R Us Series 16 (Marvel NOW!)

  • Marvel NOW! Captain America and Scarlet Witch

Marvel Toys R Us Series 17

  • Black Widow and Modern Hawkeye

Marvel Series 54 (Captain America Comics)

  • Captain America (Fighting Chance) and Red Skull (Arnim Zola body)
  • Winter Soldier (Villain) and Falcon
  • Baron Von Strucker and Hydra Elite
  • Madam Hydra and Hyrda Elite (Variant)

Marvel Toys R Us Series 18

  • Captain America (Fighting Chance) and Falcon
  • Winter Soldier (Hero) and Hydra Elite

So for those keeping track, that’s 16 new Captain America figures that we’re getting, including 2 Army Builders (SHIELD and Hydra)! But wait! If you consider that there’s a basic SHIELD or Hydra agent under all that extra gear, each of those “Suped-up” versions can then each become yet another figure! And the fact that Fury comes with the additional parts to make Commander Rogers, that makes a total of 19 new figures to grace your minimate collections! My mind is exploding!

Keep an eye out this month as wave 50 is slated to see release in August, and let me know if you guys and gals find anything!

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