Marvel Minimates Wave 54- Captain America

Marvel Minimates Wave 54- Captain America

Last week I posted about new Marvel Minimates coming down the line from Diamond and Art Asylum, and yesterday has officially announced the wave 54 line-up with a new image! For Cap fans, this wave is going to be home run, with some highly-demanded characters and an army builder. Man, I love me a good army builder.

Comic and Specialty Shop wave 54 will include the following figures:

  • “Fighting Chance” Captain America and “Robot” Red Skull
  • Winter Soldier and The Falcon
  • Baron Strucker and HYDRA Elite
  • Madame Hydra (A.K.A. Viper) and Hydra Elite (variant)

This line-up looks like it’s about to fill quite a few holes in our collections, and I for one am excited to finally be getting some key players like The Falcon! Be on the lookout for these guys in January 2014!


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  1. Thing I love the most about this set (you mentioned it a bit)? Besides Cap, this series features all new characters that we’ve never had in Minimate form before. That’s great to see. I’m fine with the Spideys, Iron Men, and Wolverines paying the bills if we get the obscure and lower tier characters as a result.

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