My Inventory is Full

I’ve been spending a lot of time setting up my Collection Room the past few weeks, and after many nights of rearranging and repositioning, I’ve come to a very disturbing realization- I simply do not have enough space for everything.

I knew this would end up happening, the amount of toys I own could fill a small warehouse. The sad part is I haven’t finished cleaning everything out of my parent’s place yet- I still have the entire run of SOTA’s Street Fighter figures MIP in the shed, dozens of G1 Transformers in the attic, and more Indiana Jones figures from the Hasbro era than you could even imagine! But for some reason, in spite of knowing this would happen, I just refused to accept it. Surely Skeletor and Getter One could live in harmony, right?

I suppose it was bound to come to this- I need to start thinning out the collection. eBay, here I come! But my problem is that I’ve grown overly attached to everything I own, so how do I decide what to release into the wild? Obviously I keep my Captain America toys, all of my He-Man stuff, and my series of Bandai Godzilla vinyls…that’s a no-brainer. But the rest? There’s just too much that I love!

Vintage TMNT, Palisades Muppets, SOTA Street Fighter, Mattel Ghostbusters, Square Enix MGS, and countless other lines are sitting in boxes just waiting for their time in the spotlight, that little piece of shelf they can call their own…is it better to deny them daylight, or to ship them off to God only knows where?

If anyone out there has a toy room, or a collection room of any kind, and you have any advice, please let me know. 🙂


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