Waiting for Grayskull

Well the time is here, boys and girls. Chesnuts roasting, songs being sung, and trees going up across the nation. It’s that time of the year when we sit back with our families and watch as the greatest struggle of good vs. evil unfolds. Literally. Because that’s what this thing does. It unfolds.

It’s Castle Grayskull time and much like Saint Nick, Mattel is delivering the greatest gift in the world to collectors this holiday season. Many lucky fans are waking up to find ENORMOUS gifts on their front porches…or depending on your carrier they may have just thrown it under a tree, I assume in the spirit of the holidays. How lucky they are to play with the Barbie Dream House of the action figure world. But amongst all the joy and frivolity I must ask, “Where’s mine?”

I know that sounds greedy, but lets be honest, you don’t order something like Grayskull and just be content with looking at pictures online.

Yeah, I know, it’ll get here eventually, but as Dinobot once said, “Eventually can be a very long time, Optimus.” and I’m impatient. The long trip from California to New York seems to have been made even longer by rough weather in the Midwest, and it doesn’t really help when “Newgistics”, that atrocious shipping company that Matty uses, only seems to update its tracking once every 3 or 4 days. It shipped on the 6th of December, updated the 9th in Nevada, and then hasn’t been updated since. I wonder if CG is just sight-seeing in Sparks, Nevada…I’ve never been so I don’t know what there is to look at.

Anyway, like the kid on Christmas Eve, I sit impatiently waiting for Saint Matty to bring me a treat. But do I really have to wait til Christmas? Let’s hope not.


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