To buy, or not to buy? Marvel Super Hero Mashers


So these started popping up around the country in Toys R Us stores recently and I’ve been sorta on the the fence about them. I think they look neat, I’ve always liked the exaggerated cartoony look with figures, and you all already know I’m a Cap junkie, but the figures seem like a full investment.

See, the gimmick in these toys is the ability to “mash-up” the characters and pop parts from one onto another. It’s a cool little play option, but I feel like it forces you to buy several toys just to experience the toy the way it was meant to be experienced.

And looking at the packaging on these guys, you can see that some of the “mashed” characters are a little goofy looking. Hulk with Spider-Man arms? I don’t even know why I’d want to do that, but I suppose I’m not the target demographic here, so I’ll let it slide. Thing is, there’s some great potential if they get into more B and C-List characters like Deadpool and the Falcon (flying Deadpool for the win!).

Not that there aren’t some great characters to choose from, and I love that Cap, Doom and Hulk are in the first wave (3 of my all-time favorites) but do I really want to invest money into a new line, especially when Hasbro makes it almost policy to ditch lines after a wave or two? I’m going to have to sit on this one and think it over.

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