Marvel Legends Infinite Series CAPTAIN AMERICA found at Target!

Just yesterday I was saying how I wasn’t sure whether or not to spend money on the new Marvel Mashers figures I had been seeing at Toys R Us stores, and today I can safely say that I’m glad I opted not to blow this month’s toy budget on them. Why?

Yup, that’s why. Hasbro’s rebranded Marvel Legends figures are creeping their way into Target stores across the country, and my store just got a case in!

These guys look AMAZING in-hand and I can’t wait to pop ’em open and play with them! I only got these 3 today, I’ll probably pick up the 2 army builders on my next outing (Hydra Agent and AIM Soldier), but I’ll snap some pics as soon as I rest up from a long night at work.

For those interested, the figures won’t “officially” hit stores until January 5th when Target resets their aisles, but there’s no block at the register if you find them out on the shelf earlier.

Most stores will likely have the cases in the backroom, but if you ask a team member to look it up they should be able to go grab it out of the back if they have it.

The DCPI number is 037 06 2560 for the assortment and they retail for $14.99 each. That should be all the info you need to get yourself these beautiful toys from the stockroom.

Happy hunting!


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