Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America, Red Skull, and Baron Zemo

I’m not much of a reviewer, or a photographer, or a blogger, but I love these new Cap figures so much I just needed to share my thoughts with you. these are popping up in stores nationwide and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them after seeing some pics snapped by various sites, but I can easily say that photos do not do these guys justice. With that having been said, here’s some photos to look at!


Let’s start with the main man himself, Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. This figure is modeled after his current Marvel NOW! look, and the boys and girls over at Hasbro really went all  out giving us a brand new sculpt for him.


You can clearly see all the detail in Steve’s new uniform, and I for one appreciate the effort on Hasbro’s part, especially in an age when tooling a new figure is so costly for a company. The scale seems good to me- not too big and not too small, though I suppose your tastes may vary. The only issue I have is when you pair him up with the other Cap offerings that Hasbro has given us as of recent.


You can see here that while he stands about even with the Ultimate version, the “Super Soldier” figure just towers over him.  I found the Commander Rogers figure to be a bit lanky looking and I think the proportions on the NOW! figure are more accurate to the character, but again, to each his/her own.

The paint apps are okay, most of the lines are clean and neat, and the colors themselves are really vibrant, but I did have some minor issues with the eyes not being even and some smudging on the top of the helmet. These weren’t enough to dissuade me from getting him, but I did see another in the store that looked ghastly, so buyer beware. Also something to note is the lack of shading throughout the figure- likely a cost-saving choice on Hasbro’s part. I don’t think it really hurts the figure all that much as most of Hasbro’s offerings have been light on the paint apps, but it does stand out when placed with the Toy Biz Legends.

Next up we have the great and often-elusive Baron Helmut Zemo.


Not much to say about Zemo Jr. here, outside of the fact that he’s a great looking piece of plastic. Based on one of the evil Baron’s more modern appearances, this figure is a fantastic addition to the Cap shelf. Nice clean paint throughout the figure, and a great re-use of parts. The accessories are what make this guy stand out, in my opinion. The gun handle has an awesome spotted pattern on it harkening back to the fur collar on Barry Z’s old outfit, and that sword is straight out of the comics. I especially love the little “z” on his gun holsters.

Now on to my personal favorite of the bunch- the Red Skull. It’s so rare that we get an action figure of this guy that I can’t help but make a big deal when one finally pops up, and Hasbro knocked this one out of the park!


His body is almost entirely reused parts from the 6″ Nick Fury figure from the Cap/Avengers movie line (or the old Ultimate Fury that came in the 2-pack with WW2 Steve) and it’s a good fit here. What really makes this figure a win is that AMAZING head sculpt! In my opinion this is the BEST sculpt Herr Shmidt has ever had and I love Kirby-esque design.

His guns are a little bizarre- one being a red pistol and the other being a…uh…ray gun…thing? I would have preferred a Kirby-esque blaster to go along with the head sculpt, but I’m not gonna be too picky here. Oh, and he comes with that pesky Cosmic Cube he loves so much. Great figure.

Overall I’m excited to finally get some new Cap villains in Hasbro’s line, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future. I plan on heading out next weekend and picking up the Hydra and AIM army builders if I can find them, but until then, here’s some more pictures!




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