Marvel Minimates Series 54 Packaged Pics

To kick 2014 off with a little excitement, DST has just released images of the new Marvel Minimates series 54 in package! Series 54 is the Captain America comic book wave that was revealed last year, and it includes some much-needed heavy hitters like the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In addition to the Cap characters, the Toys R Us wave that should be hitting around the same time features a new Thor, a new Absorbing Man, another Wolverine (I freakin’ hate that guy) and an Ultron Drone from the Age of Ultron storyline.

I can’t wait for this new wave so I can finally fill some of the holes in my collection and start a setting up a legion of freedom-hating HYDRA soldiers! I’m sure you all know how much I love army-building! Also keep in mind that Winter Soldier released in the TRU wave is different from the one released in the LCS wave, so completionists will need to pick up that set as well (so far it seems that both the Fighting Chance Cap and Falcon are the same in both sets).

Check out the pics below and look for these guys to start hitting stores (both LCS and TRU) in late January or early February.



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