In-tray Photo of Minimates Series 54


DST is at it again with another Marvel Minimates series 54 update!

The photo shows the various accessories that this wave will be coming with, and while most of them have already been shown or announced, we get a clear look at what Robot Red Skull (Redbot Skull?) is coming with- THE COSMIC CUBE! Looks like that ol’ nano-nazi there is coming packaged with 2 interchangeable hands, each holding a cosmic cube (or tesseract if you prefer…I don’t). It appears that the hands themselves are painted black (or blackish) which means these would look great in the hands of the older Skull released some years back, or even the recent “Marvel Zombies” version of the character.

With every new reveal this wave keeps getting better and better- it’s going to be hard for Diamond to top themselves after this crowning achievement!

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