A Small Toy Haul-Super Hero Mashers and Avengers Assemble Micro Muggs

Just a quick post to show off my latest additions.

First up is the Marvel Super Hero Mashers Captain America. Yeah, I finally caved. Toys R Us had a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sale, but I passed since I didn’t really want any other characters. But then my local Target had them up with Manufacturer’s Coupons stuck to the front- $2 off any single figure, $5 off any two, and $8 off three. Good deal, imo. Thus I picked up Cap here for $8.00.

It’s a neat toy, I love the look of the jagged angles and the cartoony features. There’s also a tremendous amount of posability which is great, though I feel the need to point out that he’s missing a waist cut, an crunch, or any sort of bicep swivel.

Still I’m happy enough with the toy that if they put out anymore Cap characters in the future I would definitely pick up another. Bring on the Falcon, Hasbro! Sam always looks great in toy form!


Next is something I didn’t even know about- Avengers Assemble Micro Muggs Blind Box figures. For $3 each I figured I could gamble a little, especially since most of these characters are ones I wouldn’t mind owning (ZOMG M.O.D.O.K.!!!). Luck is usually on my side with blind box toys, so I roll the dice and…

ZOMG M.O.D.O.K.!!! Plus Cap and Nick Fury! Luck, you magnificent lady, you! I’ll probably try for WW2 Cap and that awesome Red Skull next time I head out.

All around, I’m pretty happy with this haul. I have the weekend off (finally!) so I may end up heading out again soon. Squee, toys!


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