More Captain America: The Winter Soldier Images INCLUDING FIRST LOOK AT BATROC!

As we get closer to April 4th more and more gets revealed about the new Captain America movie, and I get excited with every set of pictures that gets released. This batch is special, because this time out we finally get a look at Georges St. Pierre as Batroc the Leaper!

52e9bbc04598e 52e9bc609cedb 52e9bca80eee2 52e9bce12a2d952e9bc06ef01aI love that they kept ol’ Mr. the Leaper in his classic purple and yellow duds. Granted the mask is gone, and he has a touch of realism, but I love that they didn’t just go with a generic black and gray “evil mercenary” design and at least tried to keep the character with a sense of individuality. Way to go, Marvel!

We also get 3 new character posters for the movie, one for Chris Evans as Cap himself, one for Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, and (of course) the great Sam Jackson as Col. Nick Fury.

Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_Black_Widow_Poster__scaled_600 Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_Cap_Poster__scaled_600 Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_Nick_Fury_Poster__scaled_600So what do you guys think of the new images? Excited as I am? You had better be. And don’t forget that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will have a new TV Spot airing during some sort of football game thing this weekend. Some “Super Ball” thing, I think.

My money is on the Seahawks, BTW 🙂


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