Casey Jones and the Case of the Missing Paint Apps

Finally was able to get my hands on a new TMNT Casey Jones figure this morning, and while I think it looks really cool and is an interesting take on the character, I think I might actually hate this toy.


What would have been a great toy is absolutely ruined by cut paint apps! Now I know Playmates has been cutting costs with their Turtle line by skimping on paint, but usually its not that big of a deal. You loose some design or detail along the way (Splinter was hit by this cost-saver as well) but I don’t think it ever actually made me want to cry yet. All that changed with Casey.


Look at that prototype pic! White! Red! Details! There’s actually some color on this! Compare that to the gray, gray, and black toy we got and you can clearly see why I’m upset. I love Casey, and I love the new Turtles show (my wife and I absolutely adore the teenage antics) so I picked him up anyway and he’ll be added to the giant monster sewer playset, but I can’t help but feel disappointed over what should have been a great toy.

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