Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Characters that need Play Arts Figures

The world of Metal Gear is filled with great characters- from the simple scientists like Otacon to the over-the-top super-humans like the Beauty and the Beast Corps, so it’s really hard to decide where to start when making a list of the top 5 characters that need to be included in Square Enix’s amazing Play Arts line. With most of the heavy hitters out of the way already, the line needs to focus on certain fan-favorite characters to keep moving full-steam ahead, and luckily there’s plenty to choose from. But where to start?

#5.SNIPER WOLF (Metal Gear Solid)


The MGS franchise has no shortage of beautiful Femme Fatales, but the one I think most fans want on their shelves is the lovely and vicious marksman from the first game- Sniper Wolf. She was easily one of the most memorable characters from the game and a central character to the events that played out, so she seems like a no-brainer. I for one love adding new female characters to my collection (especially ones wearing collars), and her figure could be a great one. Her long blonde hair would be eye-catching on a shelf , and with that outfit that she always seems to forget to zip up (even in the biting cold) and her signature sniper rifle, she would be a win. Package her with that little wolf pup for some extra fun.

#4.JETSTREAM SAM (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)


It would have been easy to fill this list with the members of Foxhound, but variety is the spice of life and no installment of MGS knows that better than Metal Gear Rising. MGR was a huge departure from the MGS games we had gotten in the past- the stealth espionage replaced by lighting-fast sword action. But what would you expect from a game based around cyborg ninjas? The main antagonist of the game was Jetstream Sam, a character with a classy design to go along with his suave-sounding name. Since we’ve already got Raiden from MGSR, it would make sense that we have is rival, and since he would include one of those clear stands, the fight poses you could set up would be virtually limitless.

#3.VAMP (Metal Gear Solid 2/Metal Gear Solid 4)


Yeah, I know, Raiden already has a rival on this list. But hear me out. Before Raiden met Sam, back when he was the playable character in MGS2, our platinum-haired hero had another major enemy- an unkillable, sadistic psychopath that was one of the toughest boss fights I’ve ever had the pleasure of beating. Vamp is a deplorable yet entertaining character, and like the others on this list, he was a HUGE piece of the overall story. I’d take either version of him, MGS2 or MGS4, so long as he included more knives than I’d know what to do with. If his articulation stays on point with the rest of the Play Arts line, then Vamp here would probably be one of those toys I take down every other week just to repose him.

#2.VULCAN RAVEN (Metal Gear Solid)


Yeah, there’s only 2 spots left on this list and there’s still 3 members of Foxhound left (4 if you count Decoy Octopus) so naturally someone needed to be cut, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be the hulking behemoth called Vulcan Raven. His figure would have to be a deluxe one, standing at 12″ tall (as opposed to the standard 10″) with some incredible paint details to recreate his tattoos. Equipped with his enormous Vulcan Cannon and giant ammo container, it’s a good thing these figures now come standard with a figure stand, because Raven wouldn’t be cheap or easy to replace if he took a dive off your shelf. I know he wasn’t the most pivotal character to the overall story, but tell me this beast wouldn’t make a great figure.

#1. REVOLVER OCELOT (Metal Gear Solid)


Possibly the single most important character from the entire series who for some reason has been overlooked by the decision-makers over at Square Enix, how could Ocelot not be number one? With a cowboy theme that seems both out-of-place and completely at home in the ranks of Foxhound, Shalashaska here would be an awesome addition to my collection. I’d love a figure based on his first appearance (from the first MGS) complete with his signature weapon- the Colt Single Action Army. He wouldn’t need any other accessories, though I’d never turn away from the prospect of getting a torture table to strap Snake into. Actually now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind an alternate bandaged “I just got my hand cut off by an invisible sword” arm, a phone to make that infamous post-credits call, and as much awesomeness as a company can squeeze into a plastic toy.Why don’t I have this guy yet???



Okay, so before I get flamed to death let me just explain that everyone on this list was chosen based on both the character and how it would translate into a figure. Accessories are always a HUGE deal with figures and while Play Arts figures haven’t really been known to include tons of them, they still need to have something. For that reason alone one of my all-time favorite characters didn’t make the list- PSYCHO MANTIS. Yeah, he’s awesome and creepy and apparently the king of bondage, but with the exception of an alternate head, I can’t really think of anything that he could come with. A miniature vibrating Playstation controller?

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