TRU Minimates- where are you hiding?

Has anyone been able to find the Marvel Minimates Toys R Us series at retail anywhere? I’ve been holding off on hitting up eBay in hopes of striking mini-gold but so far I’ve found nothing, and man I needs me an “Agent of Shield” Winter Soldier! I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Marvel NOW! Thor as well, to round out the big 4 (Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor) Avengers!

What’s worse (and far more alarming) is that every Toys R Us in my area seems to have minimates on clearance for less than $4 a set. While that’s great for someone who is looking to army build or customize, it calls the entire future of the line into question. A few months back I know Zach Oat said that Toys R Us passed on an exclusive Winter Soldier set of minimates, so does this mean they’re done with the line? I’ll hold off on my hysterical ranting until DST makes an official statement on this, but still. Yikes.


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