Super Hero Mashers Marvel’s Falcon

I love the Falcon. Not only is he a classic Marvel character, but Sam Wilson also has a great look for toys. His striking red and white looks like it belongs on a blister card right next to Cap, Hulk, and the rest of the super hero universe. So when Hasbro revealed they were making a figure for the Falcon in their new Super Hero Mashers line, well, I was soaring.


Like all the Mashers, Falcon features a very stylized appearance with abnormal proportions and angled shapes. Personally I love this look, I liked it back when Hasbro tried it with the ill-fated GI Joe Sigma Six line, and I like it even more on characters I actually give a hoot about (sorry to all the Joe fans out there, they just aren’t my cup o’ coffee). When I got Cap a few months back I thought (and blogged about) “Man, Falcon would look amazing in this style!” Luckily Hasbro heard me and released a great version of the character in a very iconic look. I’m going to note that while I picked up the “best of the bunch” ,so to speak, the paint apps on my Falcon are far from perfect. I had the same issue with Cap so no real surprises there, but you may want to be wary about ordering these sight unseen from an online retailer.


Falcon pops apart just like any other Masher in the line since that is the gimmick of the latest entry into the Marvel Figureverse. Once you pop all the limbs off  and throw the head off to the side you’re left with a torso to play “mix-n-match” with. I don’t know how often I’ll be using this feature (besides, I only have one other toy) but it seems like a popular enough gimmick to grab the attention of kids- a feat that is proving harder and harder in this technological society. Yes I’m old. Deal with it.


The articulation is decent on these guys. Head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles all have a wide range of motion and click securely into place. Of the 2 figures I own neither has loose joints, though I suppose if you were to keep popping the arms or legs in and out they may loosen over time, but that’s not something I’m concerned with. Right now I just have them standing in vanilla poses on a shelf and that’s really all I need. That having been said, the collector in me has been spoiled from years of “super articulated” figures so I can’t help but whine about no bicep swivels. I’m greedy, I know.

wpid-imag2039-1.jpg wpid-imag2042-1.jpg

Falcon comes as part of the Deluxe wave of figures, I assume mostly due to his wings which are permanently attached to his forearms. He does, however, include two smaller wings that for the life of me I can’t figure out where in the hell they are supposed to attach. The package shows them sticking off his back, straight up  off his shoulders, but to me this looks sort of strange. They also don’t really sit on the biceps the way you would think they should. Right now I have them sitting upside down on his back to give him more of a classic comic feel, but they only look good like that when the arms are sitting flush at his sides.


Falcon also includes his trusty red-winged Rocket Launcher/crossbow that he’s rarely seen without. It’s worth pointing out that in most media, however, his rocket launcher is portrayed as a hawk NAMED Redwing. Which is not a crossbow. Or a rocket launcher. Are birds boring? Is that why Redwing was replaced with a spring-loaded missile blaster? It’s a shame because it would have been cool to get a Redwing toy that could clip on Falcon’s shoulder. Oh well, the launcher does have red wings sculpted on, so I’m just going to pretend Tony Stark hooked him up with battle armor. This may have made a cool arm-cannon (a la Megatron) but since Falcon has those large wings, there’s nowhere on the forearms to clip this in, so Sam is forced to hold it in his fists. Problem there is that the peg on the launcher is pretty stubby, likely made to plug into an armor hole, so he just can’t hold onto it too firmly.


Lastly Falcon comes with an additional arm to emphasize the customization concept these toys are founded on. It’s a cool metallic blue color with a long red blade coming off the front and silver feathers on the side. The package says that it’s part of Iron Patriot, but since his hands are red and I don’t remember him with arm blades I really have no clue where this is coming from. It’s still cool though, and seeing Falcon with the one metallic glove makes me hope that somewhere down the road we’ll be blessed enough to get a Baron Strucker and a Satan Claw.


I like what I’ve seen so far from this line-up and I’m glad to finally add another figure to join Cap on the shelf, and even more so that it’s  one of my all-time favorite characters. With the ever-rising price attached to the Marvel Legends figures these guys may just become my only avenue to get more Cap characters. This line has a lot of potential and could continue on for a long time. Let’s just hope Hasbro feels the same way.

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