NECA Planet of the Apes Custom Repaints

So far I love what NECA toys has been doing with the Planet of the Apes licence, and I sure hope there is no end in sight. There’s a billion-and-a-half characters that I hope they get around to making, which means it may be a good long while before we get some serious repaints; something NECA has been known to do. So instead of waiting around for them to get to what I want, I just went right ahead and made my own.  So without further ado…

TV Series Gorillas


Mego-style Soldier Ape


Dr. Zaius (great sculpt, terrible paint. He was in serious need of a repaint)


I’m planning a lot more apes in the future, so stay tuned for more!


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  1. Hello, what type of paint did you use for the silver lines on the Gorilla soldiers?? Do you know if the craftsmart markers work well?? i am thinking about doing this to one of my gorillas but am not sure what to use.

    • Paint markers, in my experience, don’t hold up so well on the plastic figures. What I used here was Testors Model Masters Acryl paints. They can be found in many hobby stores for about $4-5 a jar.

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