Marvel Minimates Series 62 Brings new Cap and Red Skull minimates!

I’m always excited when I see a new minimates set come out, and series 62 of the long-running line brings us some match-ups based on the recent AXIS storyline. I don’t know much about the story, something about good guys being bad and bad guys being good or some such nonsense, but I do know that one of the 2 packs in the line-up includes ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA vs. RED ONSLAUGHT!


By now you all know how much I love the Falcon, so I for one am crazy psyched to be getting a version of Sam in his new Cap duds. It’s a great design and I was wondering who would be the first toy company to jump on it. As for the Skull…er, Onslaught, if I understand correctly this is a version of Herr Shmidt after he has part of Professor X’s brain surgically implanted into his own cranium, giving him psychic powers. I haven’t read AXIS, or really anything leading up to it, so I can’t comment on the concept, but man does that Skull look sinister! And thanks to information gathered from Luke’s Toy Store it seems that there will be a “black suit” Red Skull outfit underneath all that armor! Looks like I’ll have to pick up two packs just to display both options!


Is this the “black suit” we can be expecting under that armor?

The rest of the line-up includes rather un-Cap characters, like Sabertooth, evil Hulk) and a new “Superior” Iron Man, so I won’t get into that, but I will say that the Apocalypse in this line looks badass! These guys should be hitting comic shops and interwebs retailers around June.


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