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Hot Toys MMS A:AOU Captain America gets a new release date!

First off- HT MMS A:AoU CA is the longest action figure name in history. Seriously.

Secondly, I received an email the other day from Sideshow informing me that my above-mentioned toy was being delayed. I was a sad panda until I noticed that it’s being delayed until May-June of this year, a full 4 months before the September-October date we were told when the pre-order went up! So how is that a delay?

Well it turns out that at some point the figure’s release date was moved up to an April-May release but we were never told. After that decision was made, Hot Toys re-evaluated the date and felt a May-June was a more probable shot. Truth be told, I’ve always gotten my figures from Sideshow a little later than the planned release, so changing April to May really isn’t that big of a factor to me. In the end this just means that we get a great new Cap figure months before we thought we would.

Now hopefully the final version of this figure looks as great as the prototype.