Marvel Announces Sam Wilson, Captain America title!


Along with an entire universe worth of reboots, Marvel Comics announced the next stage of Captain America coming in October this year. Above is the promo art revealed for SAM WILSON, CAPTAIN AMERICA #1. While I’m excited to see another “new direction” for Cap, I’m not sure how I feel about the tag line “Who do you stand with?” as it seems to be hinting at some inner struggle within Steve’s group. I’ll hold off judgement until we get more info about the series since at this point I’m just relieved we don’t have to suffer through any more Remender garbage.

The new creative team of writer Nick Spencer and artist Daniel Acuña sure have their work cut out for them, since they are taking over the book…or starting this new one, I guess, just months before Captain America returns to theaters. I haven’t read anything by either of them, but I sure hope they’re up to the task. At the very worst, it’ll still be better than Remender.


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