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Nick Spencer Talks About the New Captain America!


Nick Spencer, writer of the upcoming SAM WILSON, CAPTAIN AMERICA book, sat down with Comic Book Resources to discuss his plans for the title.

I’m always a little wary when a new creative team takes over. The term “new direction” often means a rehash of things we’ve seen ten times already, so I was skeptical. However, after reading the article I’m feeling a bit more optimistic that this may be a worthwhile outing.

Spencer seems to be interested in bringing the fun back to Cap, steering away from the mind-boggling nonsense that was Remender’s run and the dark secret agent saga that Ed Brubaker did so well. Instead, Spencer uses terms like “vibrant” and “upbeat” when describing his take on the adventures of the Star-Spangled Avenger.

I’m interested to see how he plays this out, and I’m more, well, upbeat than normal when thinking about this new creative team. Only time will tell, but for now consider me on team Spencer.

Jump over to CBR to read the interview!