Captain America: Civil War Trailer Finally Relvealed!


Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. both appeared and with them came our first look at the newest entry into the Captain America movie franchise, Captain America: Civil War!

Unfortunately I can’t post the video (I’m embarrassingly bad at anything tech related) but you can view the video here on youtube!

Civil War was always one of my favorite stories from the comics, and it’s often recognized as (one of) the best cross-over events in comic history, so I’m naturally excited that this is the theme for Cap’s next trek into film. To be honest I would have preferred the Serpent Society or maybe a take on US Agent, but I’ll take what I can get, especially when it looks as cool as Civil War.

The trailer shows us a lot in the way of Steve and Sam, Steve and Bucky, Steve and Natasha, and, of course, Steve and Tony- clearly the idea here is that despite the ENORMOUS cast of characters, Steve is still the focus. Which is a plus since many of us were afraid the movie was going to be overcrowded with Avengers.

What the trailer shows us:
– Bucky remembering who he is (was)
– General Ross lecturing Steve (welcome back, Mr. William Hurt)
– Sam kicking ass with his new red wings (but not his new Redwing)
– Steve and Black Widow on opposing sides
-BLACK PANTHER! He looks amazing!
– The New Avengers (for about a second)
– A beaten down War Machine in the arms of a bruised Tony Stark
– Steve and Bucky tag-teaming Ironman
– Tony breaking our hearts with his “So was I” line

What we still haven’t been shown:
– Crossbones
– Agent 13
– Baron Zemo
– Redwing
– Vision
– Antman
– Spider-Man
– That funeral scene we saw being filmed

Clearly there are still plenty of surprises in store for us, since so much is left out of the trailer. I, for one, am glad they aren’t showing everything yet so we can all get some killer shocks along the way.

I hope the movie itself is as cool as the trailer, though we all have seen trailers that made horrible movies look amazing. Cautious optimism, people. It’s pretty much my life motto.


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