New Cap Themed Marvel Super Hero Mashers

This week on eBay a whole bunch of new auctions started popping up for new figures in Hasbro’s “Marvel Super Hero Mashers” line. While I haven’t seen any of these guys in stores yet, I am excited at the prospect of adding more variety to the collection.


First up is the Winter Soldier. We saw this guy a while back at…uh…Toyfair? Comic Con? Well, wherever it was, we knew he had been produced. Looks like ol’ Bucky has finally started to make his way out into the world. What’s interesting here, though, is there appears to be a second version of the Winter Soldier out there in the form of a deluxe figure with extra accessories.


Check out the severed Cap head and the disc launcher! What makes this version really extra-special cool is that awesome vac-metal arm!  I’m a sucker for vac-metal.


Next up we have a new version of The Falcon, or, as Hasbro is legally obligated to call him, Marvel’s Falcon. This is an odd choice to me as it’s a repaint of the original figure done in a color scheme that, quite frankly, isn’t a thing. They could have gone with Sam’s original green and orange look, a more modern Falcon look, or, hey! I know! Maybe a Sam Wilson: Captain America repaint! All I can say is that I sure hope that last one is in the works.


Next up is something completely out of left field but absolutely awesome- Captain America in his Ultimates universe WW2 outfit! I didn’t even know this one was coming out, but I won’t complain! While I would be more excited to see more of Steve’s supporting cast making their way into action figure form, this figure is just too cool too overlook!

And while we’re at it I want to point out that while looking at all these new toys the other day I did discover a certain someone who hasn’t made an appearance yet on eBay but does appear on the backs of several other figures’ packages.


Yup, Red Skull! Well, Iron Skull, as he’s called in…um…somewhere? Well, whatever. They can call him “Rosehead Menaceman” for all I care, so long as I get this figure! Again, he hasn’t popped up on the “Bay” so Shmidty here probably hasn’t been released yet, but here’s to hoping he shows up soon in stores! DIg that Cosmic Cube!

Now Hasbro, seriously, Sam Wilson Cap.



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  1. I’ve been hoping to get my hands on iron skull 2 years and counting now.
    (It’s from one of the cartoons. He steals Tony’s power source and makes own armor.)

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