Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Captain America!

Marvel revealed the cover of the upcoming FCBD: Captain America #1, the special one-shot issue heralding in the return of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers! Check out the snippet from the press release!


[…]FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 brings you the titanic return of Steve Rogers as Captain America! Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz bring you one of Steve’s first adventures since his dramatic return in the pages of AVENGERS: STANDOFF. Just in time for their new series Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 later that month! Then, go deeper into DEAD NO MORE, a top secret storyline coming later in 2016! If you got the chance to bring someone back, would you?[…]

I absolutely love that cover art! Free Comic Book Day is May 7th, so if you’ve ever been interested in Captain America (which you should be) then this is a good way to try it out without having to pay for it! Simply go into your local comic shop and take one!

They’re free, don’t worry.




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