Funko POP! Vinyls Captain America Civil War line-up

If you’re anything like me then you are easily lost by the flurry of Cap merchandise coming out for the Civil War movie.

One thing I saw that I knew I needed to get, however, was the new POP! Vinyl Bobbleheads being made by Funko. The problem is there’s just so damn many of them that I was getting confused as to where they could all be found.

Below I’ve thrown together a simple list of every one that has been announced and where to get them all.


Basic Assortment
125- Captain America
126- Iron Man
128- War Machine
129- Winter Soldier
130- Black Panther
131- Agent 13
132- Black Widow
133- Scarlet Witch
134- Crossbones
135- Giant Man (deluxe 6″)

Hot Topic
126- Falcon
136- Iron Man (unmasked)

137- Captain America (action pose)

138- Black Panther (unmasked)

Barnes & Noble
139- Crossbones (unmasked)

140- Crossbones (battle damage)

130- Black Panther (Onyx Glitter)

Unnumbered- Captain America and Iron Man 2-pack (appears to be the same as the standard release figures)

Marvel Collector’s Corps
Unknown- the April box will be Civil War themed, so we should expect at least one more POP variant



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