Captain America Legends: The Dream Wave (or, “What I want from Hasbro”)

Marvel Legends. That name has become synonymous with amazing super-hero themed action figures, and if you’re a fan of Marvel you likely have at least one of these 6″ plastic guys in your collection. However, for this fan, there are still some glaring holes in my collection that Hasbro seems to be ignoring.

That is why I’ve decided to throw together my own personal wishlist for my dream wave of Captain America Legends, and just pray that someone who can make things happen takes note. So without further ado…

1. Armored Captain America


Yes, I know, another Captain America. But, y’see, you can’t have a Cap-themed wave without some form of Cap. It’s a rule. But unlike all the other Cap variations we’ve gotten, that have just been rehashes of his Ultimates duds, we need something new. Enter- Armored Captain America! Cap would require some new tooling- mostly boots, gloves, chest and of course a new head, so I wouldn’t expect him to come with much in the way of accessories, but maybe an extra head so we can either have him as young Steve or old Steve would be cool. Relive the 90s, baby!

2. Falcon

This one has been a mystery to me- why hasn’t Hasbro given us a 6″ Falcon figure yet? The old Toy Biz one is okay, but the engineering improvements that Hasbro has been making sorta put this guy in the “he was cool for the time” column. Give us a classic Falcon, or even a modern Falcon- it doesn’t matter so long as he’s decked out in the classic Red and White. Use the now-classic Black Panther base body and include removable wings- maybe an “extended” set and a “closed” set similar to Spider-Woman, and his trusty pal, Redwing, and man, I am sold!

3. D-Man


No, I don’t consider the Scourge figure we just got as D-Man. Yes, it says Demolition Man on the box, but I want a more icon version of Dennis Dunphy, and not the brainwashed serial murderer. I’d take his classic “Daredevil meets Wolverine” look set on the large “Cottonmouth” body with both masked and unmasked  “bearded” heads.

4. Diamondback


Rachael Leighton would fill in the required female figure for the wave, and she would make a great addition to any shelf. Cap’s one-time lady friend would only require a new head for tooling, so Hasbro could consider her a bargain! Bright metallic colors would really make this pink-haired vixen pop! She should come with a “diamond throwing” effect that I will likely never use but I would still like to see. And please, Hasbro, no heels.

5. Viper


Another Classic Cap villain would make a great addition to the line-up. What’s great about Viper is that his outfit hasn’t really changed at all in 40 years, thought that’s partly due to him being dead for 30 of them. His bright green costume would set him apart from the rest of the wave, so from a visual stand-point he’s a no-brainer. Give him his blow gun thing and that’s really all this guy would need to look amazing.

6. Machinesmith


The last figure in my dream wave was something of a toss-up. I wanted someone who screamed “classic”, but also someone who would look different than everyone else in the line-up. It was a tough call, but I finally decided on Machinesmith. Bright yellow! Red hair! What’s not love about this guy? I’d want his “human” form, but include some interchangeable parts like a robotic head, hands, and those cool “extend-arms” that Machine Man came with to really sell the “he’s a freakin’ robot” idea. He could reuse some pieces from the AIM soldier we got a few years back to help complete his unique look.

BAF- The Sleeper


Oh yeah, this bad boy is a long-time want of mine. His classic Kirbyesque face, huge bulky body, and wacky color scheme would look INCREDIBLE as an action figure, and his size would make sense for a build-a-figure. Slather him in metallic paints and I could die happy.

I really hope someone over at Hasbro is paying attention since this wave would KILL if it were revealed. But the good news is it doesn’t have to stop there! Dream Wave 2 is right on deck, and there’s a mighty Marvel pool of characters to utilize, so who’s to say a wave 3 couldn’t be coming soon?


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