Funko Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Founder Statue 2015

A year ago Funko Toys, makers of POP! Vinyls, Dorbs, Mystery Minis, and other space-filling collectible goodies, started a new “Loot Crate” type subscription program where people would receive one random box of Funko goodness every two months. They called this venture the Marvel Collector Corps, and fans worldwide were treated to a year filled with brown boxes containing all manner of Marvel collectible.


They also promised that those who signed up for the entire year during its initial subscription period would get a special treat- a reward given only to those who helped get this thing off the ground. That’s where this bright golden idol comes from.


The Founder gift for the 2015 year was this 9″ tall Academy Award stand-in designed to look like Marvel’s own founding hero, Captain America. Yes, Namor and The Human Torch came first, but they weren’t exactly super heroes back then.


Despite not signing up for this club- I was getting married and was trying to save money- I knew I would eventually need to get this statue, so the second they shipped out and started to pop up on ebay, I pounced.


As I said, this guy stands about 9″ tall and is just a solid piece of bling attached to an equally glossy black base. The entire thing seems to be an ABS plastic and most of the weight comes from the solid base, which has a piece of green felt on the bottom to stop it from scratching up your tabletop. It’s got that vac-metal chrome look which always worries me, since any action figure collector will tell you that these things are prone to chipping, but it looks good right now and I plan on keeping it in the package, so I think I’ll be safe. Obviously there’s no articulation, so it all comes down to presentation on this guy,  and for that I’ll just let the photos do the work.

If you signed up for the Marvel Collector Corps as a founding member, you can expect to see this guy showing up at your door any day now, but if, like me, you are planning on scoring him solo, expect to pay $40-50 for one, as that seems to be the going rate on the aftermarket right now.



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