Hasbro Marvel Legends Red Skull Series CAPTAIN AMERICA Figure

Hasbro has, in recent years, really stepped their game up when it comes to their Marvel Legends line, so even though we’ve already gotten several different versions of Captain America it was only a matter of time before they doubled back to him for an update.

Here we have that very figure- a new take on the classic Cap look. While many people tend to cringe whenever a new version of Cap, Iron Man, or Wolverine gets released instead of a new character, I always just cross my fingers and hope that this will finally be the “default” Cap for my shelf ,and dethrone the still gorgeous, if not outdated, ML Series 1 Cap made by Toy Biz so many years ago. Well, here’s hoping.

The package is the now-classic Marvel Legends box. There have been some changes since the last wave, specifically adding the “Legends” logo to the top of the box and moving the theme title at the bottom. Seeing as this is Cap, we get a mostly blue package with some new artwork of Captain America himself along the sides. What I love about it is that when you walk into a toy store you instantly see this wave on the pegs since the blue really stands out from the red used on all the other waves.

Inside the package you get the figure, some accessories, and a Build-A-Figure piece for the “Red Onslaught” figure. Since that last piece of plastic really has nothing to do with Cap, I’m just going to gloss over it, but it will certainly come in handy as the back armor for our big-bad.


Cap is built on the new “Large” body Hasbro first gave us with Grim Reaper. This body is a HUGE improvement over the past Cap figures Hasbro has done as it’s both taller and bulkier than the previously used bucks. I’ve always had an issue with Hasbro’s Caps due to the lack of size, but this version finally gives us something that is more of a presence on a shelf. I mean, he’s finally taller than Spider-Man, and that’s pretty important.

As far as I can see it’s an almost entirely reused buck with some Rogers-esque additions. The cavalier boots look new to me as do the gloves. Cap also sports a belt piece that, again, I think is unique to this figure. The last new piece is the figure’s head, which, differs from the earlier Cap figures because it not only has a sculpted “A”, but also, FINALLY, we get a Captain America figure that has the classic wings on the sides of the head!


As many people have pointed out, the head on this figure is a little on the larger side, but to be honest, I don’t really mind it once I have it in hand. The face sculpt is really cool and (to me, at least) has a  Rik Levin/Ron Lim vibe to it. Since it’s a classic Cap and they both drew the book in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I really think it works.

Articulation is as good as it has ever been on Hasbro’s Legends run, which to me means it’s even better than what Toy Biz did so well. I’m not going to go through and list all 30 points of articulation, but I will say that there’s enough here to get Steve into damn near any position you’d need him to be in. Take that however you perverts want.

The paint on Cap is good, but not quite great. There isn’t a lot of it to speak of since Hasbro doesn’t do the whole “highlights and shading” thing Toy Biz loved, but I’ve never really minded that. However, like many people, I do wish we had gotten something in the way  of the chainmail paint app similar to what the original Legends figure had, but I don’t think it’s a “make or break” thing, just a personal preference. My big problem comes from small areas around the figure like the spot around the abs. I just think it was an odd choice for Hasbro to bend the white stripes outward at the top of Steve’s six-pack when they could have just gone straight up with it and made it look a lot cleaner. It would have done a lot to hide the articulation, too.

The area around the elbow bugs me as well, but it’s more of a plastic issue than a paint one. Hasbro painted the bicep but the elbow and lower arm are just cast in an almost-white, meaning that the two pieces of plastic don’t quite match up. Under normal house lights you can’t notice it, so I don’t think it’s a major deal, just a tad bothersome.

Aside from those two minor hiccups, the paint on ‘Ol Man Rogers is pretty tight. The white-on-blue is clean and there isn’t much bleeding. The star on the chest is just painted on, and that can lead to some iffy outcomes, but this time around we got sharp lines and a very well-defined emblem.


In addition to a solid build and good paints, Cap comes with a good deal of extra pieces and accessories. For starters we have Cap’s trusty shield. This time out is looks like a different shield than we’ve gotten with the previous releases. As opposed to the sculpted details in the older shield, this new one is just a smooth surface with painted circles. I actually like it since it is supposed to be a more comic-accurate version and I’ve always pictured it as smooth. I have heard of some people saying they thought it was too small, but it looks like a good fit to me.

Cap has the ability to either clip the shield on his wrist or mount it on his back. Either way looks good, but I’m a “wield your weapon” kind of guy, so that’s how I’ll be displaying him. What’s coo though is that if you do decide to harness the shield, Cap also comes with plastic shoulder straps so it looks like the shield is actually hanging from his back. While the idea was awesome, the execution fell a little short. The individual plastic pieces don’t clip on, so they just hang on his shoulders, meaning that they don’t hold well and I had a difficult time keeping them in place.

Cap also comes with two alternate hands- a pointing hand and a saluting hand. They just pop in and out easily and gives us some more posing options for the figure. I would have liked a fist hand or two, just for the options, but what we got isn’t bad.

The big thing here, and this is monumental, is the fact that we get an alternate head which is unlike any we’ve gotten with a Cap figure before, and to be honest, one I never thought I would see.

CAP-WOLF! Freakin’ Cap-Wolf, man! I mean, c’mon! I realize that there are plenty of readers scratching their heads over this part, so let me clarify…

capwolf02Nuff said.

The head is great and has a very detailed sculpt. It looks like it jumped right out of the book and onto our toy shelves. The only thing that sucks here is that we only get the alternate head. I would have loved some extra hands and evens feet to complete the look, but I’ll take whatever Cap-Wolf I can get!


Considering the large buck, the great sculpts and paint apps, and the outstanding accessories, I’m going to go ahead and say it. Wow, I never thought I’d get to. I HAVE A NEW DEFAULT CAPTAIN AMERICA FIGURE! No, it isn’t perfect, but considering everything that came before in the Legends line, this, to me, looks like Captain America more than any other figure. Now if Hasbro could just give me a Falcon and a decent Red Skull.





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