Captain America Movie Marathon at AMC Theaters


AMC Theaters Nationwide are celebrating the release of Captain America: Civil War with an ass-numbing movie marathon featuring the first two Cap movies, both Avengers movies, and finishing up with Civil War. For those keeping track, that puts us at over 14 hours of sitting in a chair!

Now I love Cap as much as the next guy, but let’s be real here- I can’t even do this marathon from the comfort of my home, so the idea of sitting in a cramped movie theater is beyond me.

However, should you have the sheer strength of will to undertake this outing, it starts at 7am in select AMC Theaters and tickets will not only land you a seat to 14 hours of Marvel goodness, but you’ll also get get some cool collectible Cap swag, too!

I couldn’t find any info on the pricing, but all the info that is currently available, including participating theaters, can be found on the official AMC website here.


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