Build-A-Bear Workshop Captain America Teddy Bears


Yet another odd piece of Captain America merchandise, Build-a-Bear Workshops across the universe are now offering an entire line of Marvel Comics characters in teddy bear form. Of course I had to go out and grab Cap and Falcon.

There are two different sizes- a “Mega Minis” line which stand (er, sit) around 8″ high and a larger 17″ bear with a sound chip in it. When you squeeze his hand (paw?) he says one of five phrases:

  • “I’m Captain America!”
  • “Reporting for duty!”
  • “Yaaaaah!”
  • “I’m proud to serve at your side!”
  • “Avengers Assemble!”

The big guy was too big to fit in the spot I normally take my photos, so he is currently taking up residence in my chair. Lucky Captain “Roar-gers”.

I’ve actually wanted a Cap teddy bear for a while to add to the collection (something I’ve thought about before for reasons not even I understand) so I was excited to have the opportunity to get not just one, but two Caps AND a Falcon! If you jump over to Build-A-Bear‘s website you can see the full line up of Mega Minis here and a quick search will reveal the larger Captain America and Iron Man which is available both with and without the sound chip.




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