Captain America: Civil War review on the way!

I’ve had a very busy week with a lot of unexpected surprises along the way, and that has sort of set me back in terms of blogging, but nothing could keep me from seeing Civil War last night. Not even these seven little guys:


I’m currently writing a review, but in the meantime here are some key takeaways:

  • It was good, but not quite Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • The next 2 Avengers movies are in good hands
  • Spider-Man was AMAZING
  • Black Panther was badass
  • Steve’s supporting characters were great, though I wish they had more screen time
  • ESPECIALLY Crossbones
  • Zemo is freaking creepy
  • I could easily watch 2 or 3 more Cap movies with just Sam and Bucky
  • I may need to go see it again to really take everything in- there’s a lot going on

I’ll try to get my review up either later today or first thing tomorrow, but until then, go see the movie for yourself. Definitely worth it.


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