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Bowen Designs Red Skull Action Version

Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. Ever since I got Bowen’s Action Captain America I was hoping that he would have a Red Skull in the works, so when the statue was put up for pre-order on I jumped at the chance to get it. So after the wait how do I think it turned out? Well let’s take a look.


The box is pretty standard for a Bowen Statue, so nothing new there. It has a great shot of the Skull on all four sides and is pretty easy to reseal if you want to go that route. It’s worth noting that while the Cap statue had a production run of 1500, Ol’ Shmidty here is limited to only 600 pieces so he may be harder to find in the long run.


The statue itself requires some minor assembly- the hands, body, and base are all separate pieces and just pop together easily. The hands are connected with magnets and fit into the wrists snuggly, and the whole character sits perfectly onto The base with the standard metal peg.



Fully assembled the Red Skull looks great and the base has so much detail that I could write an entire post about that alone. Take a close look and you can even see a hand sticking out of the rubble beneath the Skull…poor guy. I will admit that I think the face sculpt is a bit off, but that may just be due to my personal preference for Jack Kirby’s design. I would have much preferred something closer to the old Bowen Red Skull bust, but overall the face does still convey the anger and ferocity it should, so I won’t beat on it too much. The Red Skull is holding a gun in his left hand and a dagger in his right. Both look great and the silver on the dagger really pops, but the star here is definitely the gun which has an awesome translucent orange blast effect attached to simulate gunfire. I know some people were asking if it was removable, but I gave it a little tug and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere so that may cost it points if you weren’t a fan.


IMAG1855 IMAG1857 IMAG1858 IMAG1861

The paint is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Bowen- those eyes are absolutely terrifying. The boots have a worn-leather look to them and have a good blend of browns and blacks, with the majority of his outfit done in the classic green. The armband is red with a black circle, but due to an agreement with Marvel there is nothing in that black circle, so you may need to add your own swaztika (if you really feel the need). And then that base…my god. I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic everything on that base is.


One of the big selling points for this statue is that it was a companion piece to the already-released Captain America action statue. I think it both hits the mark in that regard while simultaneously missing it entirely. The base matches up design-wise and the colors are correct, but there’s just no way to match the two bases up together so they sit flush. Cap’s base has the triangle shield shape and the Skull sits atop a curved hourglass…so one might think they can match up, but trust me. They don’t.


Likewise, the statues themselves are posed to sit together perfectly, you can really make it look as though the Skull is dodging Cap’s fist of liberty, but since it’s Classic Red Skull vs Modern Cap it does look a little strange. To a casual collector it probably isn’t a big deal, but to a hardcore Cap fan (hi) it may be a bit annoying.

Overall I like the piece and I think the good outweighs the bad here. Taken alone I think the piece looks fantastic and really captures the malevolence of the Red Skull in both sculpt and paint. Together with Cap he’s just ok, but still pretty cool. If your a fan of Cap, or just Bowen in general, I recommend picking it up while you still can.


Bowen Designs Action Red Skull has updated pics of Bowen Designs Action Red Skull statue, the follow up to their highly successful Action Cap Statue.

So if you have a Bowen Designs Action Captain America statue then you’re probably going to want to snag this guy as well- seems like they were made for each other! And if you don’t own an Action Cap, you should go out right now and get one. It’s incredible. One of the best Cap statues in my collection.

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