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Funko POP! Vinyl Captain America: Civil War 4-Pack In-Hand Photos

Check out some in-hand photos of the new POP! Vinyl Civil War 4-Pack which includes Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and keychain miniatures of Captain America and Iron Man.

I haven’t been taking my POP figures out of the packages, so I apologize for the lack of variety, but these guys are definitely worth adding to a collection. Now all we’re missing is Vision, who I hope we get wearing a sweater. Make it happen, Funko!


Funko Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

Today seems to be a Funko sorta day for me. I stopped by a local Gamestop and ended up getting a few Captain America: Civil War Dorbz and when I got home I found my Funko Collector Corps box sitting on my porch!


Now I’ve never gotten a CC box before- I’m not a Funko collector- but I just couldn’t pass on getting an entire box of goodies with a Cap theme.



First off let’s talk about this box, because the brown cardboard shipping container is, itself, a beautiful collectible. The art on the front is great, featuring a close-up of Cap and Iron Man, but once you open it you are greeted by an onslaught of gorgeous Civil War line art. Different characters are depicted as well as some fight scenes drawn towards the bottom. Really great start to this subscription box.

The first thing you see inside are a pin and a patch- something that I understand comes with every box. The pin this time out is Black Panther and is a really nice looking piece of 1.5″ metal. The patch is slightly larger at around 3″ and displays one of my all time favorite baddies, Crossbones. As you would imagine, both of the designs used are based off of the movie appearances and look stunning.

Lifting the next flap/panel will reveal the rest of the swag- an info card, a comic, a t-shirt, a lanyard, and both a POP! Vinyl and a Dorbz!


The info card is neat and I don’t know if this is the sort of thing that they include with every box, but I love the tid-bits of trivia on it.


POP-style Cap and Panther are throwing down on this variant cover for Black Panther #1, which is our comic book. While it makes more sense (being T’Challa’s book) I think I preferred the cover with Iron Man teased on the info card.


The t-shirt is AMAZING! I will most likely be wearing this when I go to see Civil War on opening night! I love the entire composition of the art. Team Iron Man in red vs. Team Cap in blue- just a really solid design! (Also always good to see Agent 13 included in things!)


The lanyard is cool and has two alternating patterns of POP Cap and POP Iron Man each in their respective colors with the movie logo in there as well. Like the info card says- this is a cool place for you to store all the CC pins you’ve collected throughout the first year of subscription.

Now onto the reason we all came here- THE TOYS!!!

The Dorbz figure included is an unmasked Iron Man that, if I remember correctly, was initially going to be offered alongside an unmasked Cap as a Free Comic Book Day promo. I’m assuming things changed somewhere along the lines and we instead get happy little Tony this way. He’s a really cool little toy, and I love the look of Dorbz in general, so he’s definitely a welcomed addition to the shelf. I would have preferred Steve instead of Tony, but that’s mainly because I’m #teamcap for life.


The last (and possibly best) piece from this box is the Captain America/ Iron Man POP! Vinyl 2 pack. Unlike the one offered at FYE stores, this 2 pack has two brand new POPs- action pose Cap and action pose Iron Man! They look great in the package and have so much life to them that I’m starting to wish I had more action pose POPs.

I wouldn’t have minded a little Battle-damaged look painted on to these two, but that’s just me nitpicking. These are great just as is.


I’m really glad I decided to pick this box up. It’s my first experience with the Marvel Collector Corps from Funko and I definitely believe I started with the right one. Kudos to the folks at Funko for making such a fun set!


Funko Captain America: Civil War Mystery Minis

Man, I completely get the appeal of blind box toys. There’s a thrill to the mystery that you can’t get with a normal action figure. It’s like gambling in a way. Unfortunately, like with gambling, I can’t afford the rush it brings, so I look for ways to cheat. Uh, at blind boxes. Not gambling. I don’t need black suited goons breaking my legs or anything.

I knew right away when Funko announced their Captain America: Civil War Mystery Minis that I wanted them, but the thing is, like I said, I don’t have the money to chance getting doubles and having to buy extra boxes just to get a complete set. So I decided I would just buy an entire case of them- 12 figures per case, 1/12 chance of each one,- that would guarantee I’d get the full set.


And, of course, it did, but I can’t help feel like I cheated myself out of the thrill of the hunt on this. It’s not like I regret my decision here, mind you- my wallet has a few extra bucks in it now. Good news, well, I guess that depends on how I look at it, is that Walgreens will reportedly get 3 exclusive figures, so I guess if I want, I can chase after variants of Black Panther, Crossbones, and Vision.


I tried to do something fun and act like I was going to be do an unboxing video or something, but in the end I decided just to rip ’em all open and take pictures. They are so freakin’ adorable that I just couldn’t help myself. Enjoy the pics!

These little guys each stand around 2.5″ tall, the tallest being Vision due to his “levitating” which is actually one of the coolest things-he just rests on semi-transparent cape and his adorable little legs just dangle. I’m surprised to say that I actually think he’s my favorite one of the bunch, followed by either Falcon or Crossbones.

In the end, I’m glad I decided to drop the cash and grab them all at the same time. Not only did I get a complete set with no hassle, but I also get the cool countertop display that looks great on a shelf. I can’t wait to see who is included with the Marvel Collector Club box next month!


Funko Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Founder Statue 2015

A year ago Funko Toys, makers of POP! Vinyls, Dorbs, Mystery Minis, and other space-filling collectible goodies, started a new “Loot Crate” type subscription program where people would receive one random box of Funko goodness every two months. They called this venture the Marvel Collector Corps, and fans worldwide were treated to a year filled with brown boxes containing all manner of Marvel collectible.


They also promised that those who signed up for the entire year during its initial subscription period would get a special treat- a reward given only to those who helped get this thing off the ground. That’s where this bright golden idol comes from.


The Founder gift for the 2015 year was this 9″ tall Academy Award stand-in designed to look like Marvel’s own founding hero, Captain America. Yes, Namor and The Human Torch came first, but they weren’t exactly super heroes back then.


Despite not signing up for this club- I was getting married and was trying to save money- I knew I would eventually need to get this statue, so the second they shipped out and started to pop up on ebay, I pounced.


As I said, this guy stands about 9″ tall and is just a solid piece of bling attached to an equally glossy black base. The entire thing seems to be an ABS plastic and most of the weight comes from the solid base, which has a piece of green felt on the bottom to stop it from scratching up your tabletop. It’s got that vac-metal chrome look which always worries me, since any action figure collector will tell you that these things are prone to chipping, but it looks good right now and I plan on keeping it in the package, so I think I’ll be safe. Obviously there’s no articulation, so it all comes down to presentation on this guy,  and for that I’ll just let the photos do the work.

If you signed up for the Marvel Collector Corps as a founding member, you can expect to see this guy showing up at your door any day now, but if, like me, you are planning on scoring him solo, expect to pay $40-50 for one, as that seems to be the going rate on the aftermarket right now.


Funko POP! Vinyl Civil War 5-pack Disney Store Europe Exclusive

I was wandering through eBay today and stumbled across a listing for this FUNKO POP CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR DISNEY STORE EXCLUSIVE 5 PACK which I had never seen before. The 5 pack includes the standard releases for Cap, Agent 13, Black Panther, and Crossbones, as well as the Hot Topic Exclusive “Unmasked” Iron Man.

The listing is from a seller in Sweden, and it states that it’s a Disney Store European Exclusive limited to 5000 pieces, so there’s a good chance that you’ll end up paying through the nose for it, but if you’re a completionist, then this may be something you’d want to look into.