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Top 5 Star Trek: The Original Series Aliens that need minimates!

With the recent return of Star Trek to minimates form in the way of DST’s Star Trek Legacy line, it got me thinking about all the various characters that I’d love to see fill out my collection. The Legacy line gave us the many different Captains that have led the intrepid crews of Starfleet, and each came with a corresponding enemy or companion to even things out (“KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!”), but as great as these new figures are (and believe me, they are FANTASTIC) they left me feeling that there are many essentials we have yet to see, especially in the way of the numerous alien races the crews have continually been in contact/competition with.

Now call me old fashioned, but prefer my captains to be reckless, my doctors to be cantankerous, and my Trek to be the original. So in keeping with my obvious closed-mindedness, here is my personal wishlist for my top 5 most-wanted aliens from the original Star Trek series who have gone so far unrepresented in 2″ glory.


What better way to kick off this list than with something that pretty much summarizes what I expect from an alien species? Blue skin, white hair, and antennas? Man, these guys were built to be a toy! Ambassador Shras made his appearance in TOS episode “Journey to Babel” and would make a gorgeous minimate. And seeing as the Andorian race was a founding member of the United Federation of Planets, a representative is a must in my minimate set.


Also called the “Salt Vampire”, the M-113 Creature from the season one episode “The Man Trap” was one ugly mother. It was the sole-survivor of an otherwise extinct alien race of monsterous, sucker-handed, shape-shifters and would make one cool looking toy. There’s not much more to say about this thing, as it went entirely extinct when Dr. McCoy shot it dead, but I sure want one.


Gorillas. That’s right, gorillas. I love them, and they always make fun toys. So what do you get when you cross a gorilla, a pigment deficiency, and a unicorn? You get a Mugato…Mugatu? Well Kirk and McCoy could never pronounce it, so I’m not gonna be too picky. While we did get a Mugato minimate back when the line was in it’s 3″ scale, that out-of-date design just doesn’t fit with the newest collection. In any case I’d love a great ape for Kirk to wrassle.


Have you ever eaten a black-and-white cookie? Do you hold in with the chocolate on the left side or the right side? You’ve probably never thought about it, but on Planet Cheron it matters. A lot. The episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” (a mouthful, I know) featured two aliens of a similar race, one half black and half white, and the other half white and half black- two beings locked in a brutal race ware until their dying day. And while their gray bodysuits left much to be desired, the characters themselves had a great look and would make a natural minimates 2-pack.


Klingons may be the more famous of the Enterprise’s enemies, but none were ever more long-lasting than the Romulans, the evil cousins of the Vulcan race. Their first appearance in the Trek universe was a crowning episode of any of the series’ incarnations, and “Balance of Terror” remains to be one of my favorites of all time. With fantastic (and brightly colored) uniforms, great weapon designs, and a plethora of characters to chose from, the Romulan empire is long overdue for the minimate treatment. What I’d like to see? A 2-pack with a standard Romulan army-builder and, of course, Mark Lenard’s Romulan Commander from “Balance of Terror”. Even throw in a variant figure of the Female Commander from “The Enterprise Incident” and I’m one happy collector.


Tribbles, tribbles, everywhere!


DST seems to be in love with their new Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise, and I for one don’t blame them!

First there was the announcement of the classic Enterprise complete with an exclusive Kirk minimate and removable command chair.

They followed that up by announcing an exclusive “Mirror Mirror” version of the ship will be available via Entertainment Earth.

Now Action Figure Xpress is getting it’s own “Trouble with Tribbles” Variant, including a new Kirk minimate and a slew of tiny, fuzzy tribbles! The ship herself (Scotty would roll over in his future-grave if I called the Enterprise “it”) appears to be the same as the regular release, but the new Green-outfit Kirk might make this set worth it, especially if you missed out on the “Tribbles” Kirk released way back in 2008.

All are expected to ship around the April-May area, but you can pre-order now to start your own minimates minifleet!

More TOS minimates on the way!

ImageDiamond Select Toys has updated their Facebook page with this new image of Kirk and Khan in minimates form! This set is headed for Toys R Us stores this summer and should round-out the Star Trek Legacy minimates which already includes the following 2 packs:

  • Cpt Picard and Borg Drone
  • Cpt. Janeway and 7 of 9
  • Cpt. Sisko and Gul Dukat

Look for these new Star Trek minimates in TRU stores around July!