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Captain America: Comparing Uniforms

Earlier today I posted about the new Hot Toys “Golden Age” Captain America toy based on the upcoming Winter Soldier movie. Already I’ve had people ask me what would make this figure so different from the one released 3 years ago, as it should be the same design since they both represent a “Golden Age” Cap. Well you might be surprised with the number of differences there are between his look in “The First Avenger” and what we’re going to see in the new film, so I threw together this image real quick to clear some things up.



Where’s my Bucky?

Another Captain America post? Yup, get used to it. I love Captain America, and I thought both “The First Avenger” and “The Avengers” were fantastic movies, with “The Winter Soldier” shaping up to be a big win as well. Now for those keeping track, I also love toys, and no one has been doing movie figures quite like Hot Toys has. So it’s natural that I get excited any time news of a new Hot Toys Cap gets announced.



Bam! Consider this guy PSYCHED! But as cool as this news is, it’s got me wishing we could get just a few more figures from “CA:TFA”, and instead of just variations of Cpt. Rogers here (though I still need a standard military uniform Rogers) I started to look at characters from the movie who deserve the Hot Toys treatment, and none of them is more deserving than a certain sidekick-turned-assassin.



I mean how could we still not have a this guy yet? Seriously? Steve’s best buddy had a fairly prominent role in the first movie, and…SPOILER ALERT!!!…he’s the titular character in the sequel, “The Winter Soldier”, so how is it we don’t have Cap’s personal sharpshooter yet? I know we’ll get him in his Winter Soldier duds next year, but I want the look he sported in the first movie too, a design that I think was a great interpretation of his classic comic outfit realized in cinematic form. It’s unique enough to be instantly recognizable as James Barnes and would look amazing next to your Hot Toys Cap.


What do I want to see? Well, for starters I’d love the necessary parts to put him in this pose. Give him an alternate head, a sniper rifle, and the hands to hold it. I’d be one happy soldier. I’d also like to see a standard head and a machine gun, in case you want him to take a more “sidekick” role next to Steve. Oh, and he needs to be able to do this…


Because that type of epic foreshadowing is badass. So c’mon Hot Toys, it’s not that hard. It would be an instant sell, people would love it, and I’d stop sending you those letters.