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Captain America: Civil War Minimates Captain America and Winter Soldier 2-pack Quick Pic Gallery


I was roaming the aisles at Toys R Us today when I stumbled across the new Captain America: Civil War Minimates made by Diamond Select Toys. I picked up Cap/Bucky and Hawkeye/Vision (the latter is a TRU Exclusive) and really just could not wait to add a new Cap to the shelf. I’ll try to do a more in-depth review in the future, but for now enjoy the pics of Captain America and The Winter Soldier!



And about that shelf…


That’s our new boy in the back.



Happy Blizzard Day, New York!


Art by Skottie Young

For those being beaten down by Winter Storm Jonas, just hang in there! Stay inside, warm and safe! Good luck to the emergency workers who need to be out there!

Is There No Ceiling?

I wandered into my local Toys R Us today and nearly squeaked with joy when I saw that they had gotten in another case of the Marvel Legends Captain America movie wave. Sure, they didn’t have Widow, but since I still needed the Winter Soldier I quickly grabbed him off the peg. Unfortunately I then looked up and saw the price.


$26.99???? This is getting absurd. I almost walked away last year when they went up to $22.99, but this is just too far. Sorry Hasbro, but you just got way too to rich for my blood.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier First Thoughts


I just got out of The Winter Soldier, and I have to say that every review you’ve seen for this movie, all of the ones that talk about how this is “the greatest Marvel movie to date”, they are all 100% accurate! This movie was ASTOUNDING! From the very first scene to the very last scene (including both after credits scenes) this movie was exactly what I was expecting it to be. I’m not going to go into too much detail, I don’t want to fill this post with spoilers, but I there are some things I wanted to point out.

Chris Evans really shines in this movie. I know a lot of people don’t think Steve Rogers stands up to the charisma or entertainment value of Chris Hemsworth or Robert Downy Jr.’s characters in the Marvel movies, but I think this outing really gave some more dimension to Steve and Chris Evans did a fantastic job playing the honest and moral guy in a world of lies and traitors. He really carried this movie well.

And speaking of being used well, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow really came out as a serious player in this movie. The writers did a great job expanding her character and giving her more to do, more to say, and a more interesting part in he overall story. She felt like someone that I would like to see more of, which I can honestly say is not an idea I was too keen on in the previous films.

To round the group out, Anthony Mackie was amazing as Sam “The Falcon” Wilson. Falcon has always been one of my favorite super heroes, so maybe I’m not as objective in this matter as I could be, but I feel like this movie did the character justice.

For fans of Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier story from the comics, be prepared for a lot of changes. The movie reads more like a brand new story rather than an adaptation, with the only real similarity being the titular character. But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The pacing is great and the story has plenty of twists, turns, and easter eggs to keep everyone engaged. And the action…wow! Aside from a few “shaky camera” issues in the beginning, the action scenes are beautiful. Everything Cap does with that shield makes me want to go out into my yard and throw a Frisbee at things.

If I had one major gripe about the movie its that the soundtrack was just sorta “meh”. It isn’t terrible, mind you, but compared to the outstanding soundtrack from The First Avenger I just felt this one left something to be desired.

Overall I loved this movie. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Marvel movies, Captain America, action movies, or really just having a damn good time. I only saw it in 2-D, but I plan on seeing it again tomorrow (my wife has already told me we’re going back first thing in the morning!) and again later in the week with a friend, so I’m sure one of those times will be in 3-D, so I’ll let you guys know how that is.

Tonight is the big night!

Sorry for the absence over the past few days, folks. I’ve been having some weird connection issues with the internet and haven’t been able to get on much. In any case today is the big day for me, and I am now only 9 hours away from seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier! It goes without saying that I am extremely excited about it, and I can’t wait until tonight.

Stay tuned for my first thoughts on the movie, and a round-up of Hot Toys Cap reveals and some other cool stuff coming tomorrow (interwebs permitting, of course). In the meantime, check out this AMAZING Captain America poster made for the newest cinematic installment!


Hot Toys Golden Age Captain America from The Winter Soldier

Looks like Hot Toys is keeping the ball rolling on Cap figures, and I’m loving it. Next up is “Golden Age” Captain America as seen in the trailers for the new movie.

ot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20%20Captain%20America%20(Golden%20Age%20Version)%20Collectible%20Figure_PR1__scaled_600For those who are ready to rant about how this is the same one that came out a few years back for The First Avenger please click here to see the handy comparison I threw together.

This figure is some sort of promotional exclusive, so it’ll probably set me back a pretty penny or two just to snag one, but it looks so damn cool that I can’t pass it up. I have no clue where to grab it, but since it has a planned released of 2nd-3rd quarter of this year I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes on eBay. Check out the specifics.

The 1/6th scale Captain America (Golden Age Version) Collectible Figure specially features:
– Authentic and detailed likeness of Chris Evans as Captain America in his Golden Age costume in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
– Approximately 31 cm tall
– New helmeted head sculpt
– Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
– Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulations
– Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including:
– One (1) pair of relaxed palms
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of palms for holding shield
– One (1) pair open palm
– One (1) pointing right palm
– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

– One (1) dark blue and grayish-white uniform with red and white stripes on midsection and star emblems on chest and arms
– One (1) pair of dark blue, gray, and red suspenders
– One (1) pair of dark blue pants
– One (1) brown leather-like belt with pouches
– One (1) pair of brown boots

– One (1) metal circular shield with distressed effect

– Figure stand with Captain America nameplate and the movie logo

– Head Sculpted by So Young, Lee & Yong Kyum, Kim
– Head Painted by JC. Hong
– Head Art Directed by JC. Hong

Release date: Q2-Q3, 2014

t%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20%20Captain%20America%20(Golden%20Age%20Version)%20Collectible%20Figure_PR14__scaled_800ot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20%20Captain%20America%20(Golden%20Age%20Version)%20Collectible%20Figure_PR2__scaled_800 ot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20%20Captain%20America%20(Golden%20Age%20Version)%20Collectible%20Figure_PR4__scaled_600 ot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20%20Captain%20America%20(Golden%20Age%20Version)%20Collectible%20Figure_PR5__scaled_600 t%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20%20Captain%20America%20(Golden%20Age%20Version)%20Collectible%20Figure_PR10__scaled_600

Hot Toys Captain America: The Winter Soldier 1/6 Scale Black Widow Figure

And the flood gates are officially open. Hot Toys revealed photos of the first release in their Captain America: The Winter Soldier line of figures- Marvel’s Black Widow. Check her out below!

Hot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20Black%20Widow%20Collectible%20Figure_PR1__scaled_600Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Black Widow Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the film. Featuring a newly developed head sculpt with straight brownish-red real fabric hair, newly designed costume made with multiple materials, detailed weapons and accessories, you won’t want to miss the chance to add this spy to your shelves!

– Authentic and detailed likeness of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
– Newly sculpted head with movie-accurate facial expression and make-up
– Straight brownish-red real fabric hair implantation
– Body with over 28 points of articulations
– Approximately 28 cm tall
– Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including:
. One (1) pair of palms for holding pistols
. One (1) pair of fists
. One (1) pair of fists with real-like electric shock effect
. One (1) pair of relaxed palms
. One (1) left palm for holding mobile phone

– One-piece black colored jumpsuit with leather-like trims, belts and holsters on thighs
– One (1) pair of black colored platform boots with buckles

– Two (2) pistols

– One (1) pair of Widow’s Bite bracelets
– One (1) pair of Widow’s Bite bracelets with real-like electric shock effect
– One (1) mobile phone
– Figure base with Black Widow nameplate and the movie logo

Hot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20Black%20Widow%20Collectible%20Figure_PR8__scaled_600 Hot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20Black%20Widow%20Collectible%20Figure_PR13__scaled_600 Hot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20Black%20Widow%20Collectible%20Figure_PR4__scaled_600 Hot%20Toys%20-%20Captain%20America%20-%20The%20Winter%20Soldier%20-%20Black%20Widow%20Collectible%20Figure_PR2__scaled_600

This will be my first Widow from Hot Toys, even though it’s actually the third one they’ve released (the other two being from Iron Man 2 and The Avengers). Natasha here has a habit of selling out fast (likely due to her Scarlett Johansson-ness) but luckily has her up for pre-order already right here.